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„The car is a temporary phenomenon. I believe in the horse.” Emperor Wilhelm II was wrong about the future of mobility, that much is certain. In order for you to always stay mobile, we are offering a wide variety of vehicle diagnostic systems, oscilloscopes and special measurement and inspection technology. Specific training and everything a professional workshop or a private person requires for the diagnosis can be found in our expansive online shop.



Diagnostic systems are analysis tools with which you can, in particular, read out control device data and record data bus communication. With these and many more functions, depending on the vehicle type and equipment, you can troubleshoot precisely instead of swapping parts blindly. By using our vehicle specific and PC supported diagnostic systems, you not only save money but also time in the long run.

Our automotive diagnostic systems:

  • VCDS for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Bentley
  • OP-COM for Opel
  • Durametric for Porsche
  • BimCOM for BMW and Mini
  • FCOM for Ford
  • FiCOM for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia
  • HiCOM for Hyundai and Kia
  • PSA-COM for Peugeot and Citroen
  • RenCOM for Renault, Nissan and Dacia
  • ToCOM for Toyota and Lexus
  • PoCOM for Porsche
  • VAS 6395B for switching the electric control element on the turbocharger

We are your specialist for original retrofitting and technical optimization of both hardware and software in many standard vehicle models.

We will gladly re- or retrofit vehicles of the following brands for you:
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Seat
  • Skoda
  • Porsche
  • Cupra
  • Ford
  • BMW
  • MAN

Inquiries can be sent directly using our contact form, additional information can be found in our shop.



Besides the older BMW models with 10-pin connection, the GS-911 WIFI is also compatible with the newest generation of K001 chassis and can be used with the Windows based GS-911 diagnostic software, as usual. It supports both the standard USB connection and WiFi functionality - for more reach and comfort during the diagnosis.

The browser-based GS-911wifi app is available for mobile use. This enables the usage of all iOS and Android smartphones with a WiFi connection and an internet browser.


HealTech OBD Tools

The professional HealTech diagnostic systems were specifically developed for Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki motorbikes. They are also compatible with Honda boat engines, Kawasaki quads and jet-skis as well as Suzuki quads.

In connection with the OBD tool software, which is compatible with laptops and PCs with Windows operating system and a USB port, you can read and delete error codes, execute an actuator diagnosis and have current measurements displayed, among other things.

The simple handling and the sturdy, 100% weatherproof design ensure that it is suited for both private and commercial use.



The ezCAN is an affordable and innovative solution which enables you to easily retrofit your BMW or Harley Davidson motorbike with electric accessory parts (for example additional lights, GPS devices or seat heating) and even configure them via a PC software.


  • 100% reversible
  • Water- and dustproof
  • No warranty loss from the motorbike manufacturer
  • Plug and Play integration
  • Improved personal safety
  • E-labelling



Hardly any industry was and is as impacted by technical changes and innovation as the automotive trade. Therefore, we would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in one or more in-depth training sessions at our premises. In cooperation with our referents, you can not only refresh your knowledge but also expand upon it. Our practical VCDS training encompasses the VCDS basic course and the VCDS immersion course. The VCDS basic course is for participants with no experience in this area. The VCDS immersion course explicitly requires experience in this area.

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 (Corona) situation, we can not offer any training. We ask for your understanding.

There is a multitude of adapters which, depending on model year or vehicle type, are required for the diagnosis. Our selected range of adapters includes, among other things, the 2x2 adapter for VAG vehicles before 1955, the adapter OBD2 to 10-pin OBD1 for Opel vehicles before 1997 and an OBD2 extension in three different lengths.

Besides our motor vehicle diagnostic systems, we also offer a wide variety of high-quality measurement and inspection devices, which can be used in combination with out motor vehicle oscilloscopes:

  • PowerProbe inspection technology
  • Vgate circuit tester
  • Differential sensor
  • Breakout tester
  • Multimeter
  • Measuring clamps
  • Data logger

This category also includes the wide range of Pico Technology accessory parts, which impress with their excellent quality.

  • Clips
  • Probes
  • Testing cables
  • Adapters
  • Breakout cables

Workshops are facing increasingly complex diagnosis problems every day. When inspecting switches, power adapters and earthing, the signals can change so quickly that a multimeter is no longer sufficient here. As a solution, we are offering you efficient oscilloscopes of two different manufacturers with which troubleshooting of sensors, solenoids, actuators, communication data streams, primary and secondary ignitions as well as other electric and electronic components can be executed.

  • Pico Technology is one of the leading companies for developing and manufacturing 2 / 4 channel oscilloscopes, which we offer separately or as part of a diagnostic set. The expansive range of Pico accessory parts we offer includes, among other things, current clamps, test cords and inductive probes.
  • Oscilloscopes from the Bulgarian company Auto DITEX Ltd. are high-quality, affordable alternatives that make it possible to test all sensors and actuators. You are not limited to specific vehicle brands or a certain model.

Need to maintain the battery voltage during diagnosis? Drained battery needs recharging? No matter what, with our motor vehicle charging devices by Fronius you will always have the fitting tool at hand. They are not only suited for diagnosis in your garage but are also sturdy enough for busy workshop days. Fronius charging devices also offer a solution for heavily strained starter batteries in exhibition vehicles.

It’s important to be equipped with the right tools, especially in the automotive sector. With our wide range of release tools and wedges, we always offer you the right tools to master all manner of work processes.

Using our wide range of books, motor vehicle mechatronics engineers, technicians and masters as well as apprentices, engineers, training session participants, students and all other interested parties can acquire motor vehicle knowledge autodidactically. The contents of the books have been compiled by engineers, master technicians, employees of universities or journalists with many years of experience. The topics of our books:

  • Actuators and sensors
  • Basics of automotive engineering
  • Motor vehicle electrics and electronics
  • Textbooks and practical knowledge
  • Disruptive signals - Working with oscilloscopes
  • Powertrain
  • Air conditioning
  • Batteries and on-board power supply
  • And others

We also offer our diagnostic systems as rental devices. The rental costs are calculated for a rental period of 7 workdays after receiving the device. More information can be found in our online shop.