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About Us

As the young, dynamic and competent PCI Diagnosetechnik team, we take care of tens of thousands of customers in the German speaking world, all from our location in Riedenburg, Germany. No matter if workshops, schools, offices or private persons – we will help you in word and deed.



Michaela Fischer-Yaafour


With over 30 years of commercial job experience, she controls all the numbers and invoices in accounting. Furthermore, as hobby herbalist, she also supplies the whole PCI team with delicious ginger tea.

Andrea Häckl

Customer Care

As a trained office administrator and all-rounder, she supports the whole PCI team. She takes care of sales and administrative tasks in the German VCDS discussion board as well as the German Wiki on a daily basis. She will also gladly assist you with your product-related questions.

Bernhard Kraus

Technical Support

As a teenager, he started working on vehicles in workshops after school and learned the automotive trade from scratch. As an automotive master engineer and a management expert he assists our support team and will readily help you with technical problems.

Christine Müller


No matter if the packages are big or small, light or heavy – our shipping queen handles them all with ease. She always takes good care of your orders, so they arrive in your hands as quickly as possible.

Tamara Dirmeyer

Media Design

After studying to be a Bachelor of Arts in multimedia and communication, her way led her to PCI. As the creative force behind the brochures, product photos, advertisements, promotional material, she takes care of everything that involves media design.

Josef Wittl


After his successful apprenticeship to become an IT specialist for appliance development, the computer expert now convinces with his skill in program development and web design.

Andre Gruschke

Repairs & Production

The leader of our production section, who has been with the team for many years, takes care of repairs and production and will offer support for your technical problems.

Ricarda Maier

Production & Shipping

She is responsible for the fundamental production tasks when manufacturing our VCDS diagnostic systems and works in component manufacturing. She also supports our shipping department whenever necessary.

Magdalena Müller

Translation & Purchasing

Since September 2021, she supports the team as an office administrator in training. As foreign language correspondent she also takes care of all sorts of translations.

Andreas Vetter

Chief Executive

He established the PCI Diagnosetechnik GmbH und Co. KG in 1999 and has been the boss ever since. Thanks to his many years of experience in the automotive trade, the start-up grew to be one of the world’s biggest distributors of Ross-Tech LLC. as well as Germany’s top seller of VCDS diagnostic systems.



This calm Alsatian / border collie mix is a cheese aficionado and quite sleepy. As glutton no. 1, we at PCI Diagnosetechnik indulge him with the best treats.



This cheeky and lively dachshund mix is small but feisty. We lovingly call her glutton no. 2 and sometimes give her an additional treat when she uses her puppy eyes.



This playful Labrador mix is quite energetic and sometimes has “his 5 minutes”. He likes to eat just about everything, which is why you’ll most likely find him in front of the kitchen door.



This gray Alsatian is our newest member and would love to be played with all day. It doesn’t matter with what – balls, plushies or ropes – as long as someone plays with her.



This elderly Terrier is always looking for someone to pet him, at least when he isn’t trying (and failing) to keep the other dogs in their place. You can also find him napping and snoring regularly.



The Great Dane is, as it is difficult to overlook, our largest team member. But we don’t let her size fool us and affectionately call her big baby.