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for electronic troubleshooting in modern motor vehicles!


Since 1999, we are specialized in electronic troubleshooting in modern motor vehicles. To make purchasing of expensive multifunction devices obsolete and to go easy on our customers budget, we rely on PC supported diagnostic and measurement technology.


The big success of our VCDS diagnostic systems has led to a change in thinking due to the availability of free software updates and no limit to the duration. Combined with the impressive diagnostic depth, it makes the VCDS an essential workshop helper. By now, there are many PC supported diagnostic solutions for other vehicle brands with the same product philosophy.


As useful expansions to the vehicle diagnostic systems, we also offer a wide variety of measurement and inspection technologies. Among other things, we represent and distribute vehicle oscilloscopes from Pico Technology, Ditex and Hantek in Germany.


Using our vehicle diagnostic systems, you can conduct real troubleshooting, instead of blindly swapping vehicle parts. In combination with the right workshop helpers, you will gain access to arguably the most economical way of troubleshooting in motor vehicles!

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