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VCDS is a precision tool which offers a multitude of different functions. The VCDS manual is your first source of information for handling the VCDS. It automatically installs itself on your PC along with the software. Please read it carefully.


For further information, you can access our German VCDS discussion board and our German VCDS Wiki. As the world’s biggest distributor of VCDS diagnostic systems, we will gladly assist you personally with general or specific questions and problems.



.In the German VCDS Discussion Board, you can not only discuss with VCDS employees but also with colleagues who may have solved similar problems. Additionally, you will be authorized to add yourself to the VCDS User Map. Thus, you are not on your own. 

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To participate in this free discussion board as a customer you must enter the licence number of your diagnostic system in your profile. After activation, which takes 1-3 workdays, you will receive full access to more functions and areas of the discussion board, for example:

  • Access to our German VCDS Wiki
  • 2 possible entries into the VCDS user map
  • Up- and download of images and attachments
  • Setting a cover image in your customer profile
  • Unlimited conversations every day

.After registering in the German VCDS discussion board and being authorised as a customer, you also receive access to the German VCDS Wiki, which is constantly expanded and serviced. An additional registration with your log-in data from the discussion board is required.

From the front page, you can reach the respective categories where information about brands and models, specific instructions and retrofitting manuals as well as solutions for diverse error memory entries can be found.

All entries regarding error codes describe general symptoms and causes as well as solutions. Special information, possibly model or construction specific and based on our / our customers experience, is also available.

Partially known errors are mentioned as well, they are further explained by the vehicle manufacturers in the technical product information.

.Our support team will gladly help you with any technical problems if you purchased your VCDS diagnostic system from us. To make the process as efficient as possible, please take note of the following:


Please read and sign our legal disclaimer.

Create an Auto-Scan and save it as a text file.

Send us the disclaimer and the Auto-Scan via e-mail.

Please grant us a processing period of 90 minutes for your request.

To be able to guarantee fair processing and accounting of the support provided, we will deduct our support fees in labour value. One work hour equals 10 labour values.

Please note: we do not assume liability for possible damage or problems that result / can result directly or indirectly from our technical support.

Additionally, we recommend always using the manufacturers repair manual for the respective vehicle. In case of questions regarding tuned vehicles or vehicles equipped with off-the-shelf accessories, we reserve the right to refuse support.

.We place great importance on quality during the production of our VCDS diagnostic systems. If your interface is defective despite this, we will gladly assist you. 

You must be in possession of an original VCDS diagnostic hardware for a claim on repair. Please send the defective interface sufficiently stamped (preferably as a package or registered mail so you can track your shipment) with a short description of the error and your full contact data to the following address:

PCI Diagnosetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Schulstraße 44

93339 Riedenburg

Our service employee will contact you shortly after receiving your hardware and will inform you about possibly arising costs. Returning the repaired hardware to you usually takes 1-3 workdays.

However, please note that repairing AI Multiscans is not possible because it is an independently developed product from the company Auto Intern.


Additionally, we offer individual repair kits and replacement parts for self-installation to experienced users.

If you require technical support for one of our other diagnostic systems, you can use the following links to contact the respective manufacturers directly.

For problems with the BimCOM, FCOM, FiCOM, HiCOM, PSACOM, ToCOM and RenCOM diagnostic systems, technical support is only available in English from the company Secons s.r.o. on their homepage or the English Secons Wiki.

The manufacturer of Durametric diagnostic systems can also be contacted through the homepage. Please note that support for the Durametric Software, Inc. is only available in English.

The German OP-COM Discussion Board and the German OP-COM Wiki are available to you should you have any questions regarding the OP-COM diagnostic software. Furthermore, you can also contact the manufacturer directly or visit the OP-COM homepage by PCI.