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In Germany, VCDS is sold by different distributors with different services offered. However, only our devices include the sought after, free access to the German VCDS Discussion Board & Wiki! By choosing to buy from us, you can save up to 50€!

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The popularity of the systems we sell sadly also led some counterfeits to surface.

To help our customers avoid making a mispurchase, we created a page to inform you about counterfeits.

Please pay extra attention in case of especially affordable "bargains" or offers from auction houses. More on our information page:

VCDS - Counterfeits!       OP-COM - Counterfeits!

Free of charge telephone hotline

Technical support for our products

Free of charge access to our support platforms (for example: VCDS Discussion Board, VCDS Wiki, OP-COM Discussion Board)

Repair service for defective devices

No problem! After signing up for our affiliate program and receiving an online shop access, we will send you all required product information. In case of questions, you can contact us anytime with our contact form.

To be able to share your own affiliate links of our products on your social media sites, you must first log in to our online shop with your shop access. You can then select the respective product categories or shop articles and then, on each site, generate the specific affiliate links that you would like to share:

As a beginner, you will receive 3% of the revenue for each sale made through your affiliate link. We also regularly check on the progress of our affiliate partners. Active affiliate partners can profit from higher commissions.

You can see your commissions and their status anytime in your shop account. If a product is bought in our online shop through your affiliate link, the respective commission will be displayed as an open commission. Open commissions can only be converted to credit or payed out as soon as they were authorized. Authorization of open commissions will automatically take place after 20 days. This time frame is necessary because buyers can cancel the purchase during this time (right of revocation).

Authorized commissions can either be converted to money on the shop account or payed out by us in the following month. Should you prefer a pay out, please inform our accounting department using the contact form, since we will require additional information (for example bank account or PayPal account).

Our customer support will gladly assist you anytime with any product questions. Besides that, you can also contact our technical support for any specific questions.





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