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Explore the precise world of signal measuring with Pico Technology, Ditex and Micsig Oscilloscopes. Profit from first class performance and versatility supported by a wide variety of accessories for any application.



Measuring cable & Adapter

This 65-piece set includes flexible measuring cables as well as high quality probe tips, alligator clamps, potentiometer, LED test lights and different cable socket connections. Perfect for use with, for example, multimeter, multimeter clamps and test lights for error tracking on consumers and electric circuits.



Current Meters

Discover our wide variety of high quality multimeters and amperemeters. From handy trailer sets to digital amperemeters with USB port, we offer everything you may need for measuring. Always be equipped and on the safe side with products like the high-voltage isolation meter and fuse tester.



Circuit tester

The PT150 is a revolutionary circuit testing device that offers a quick and precise solution for the electric system diagnosis. With functions like the VOFmeter, the test light, the installed flashlight, the short circuit display and the relay/component tester, it’s a must-have tool for all technicians.




Optimize your diagnosis and tests with our high-quality sensor simulators. From AutoSim sensor simulators to stepping motor testers, we offer a wide variety of products for precise and reliable tests. Simplify your tasks and maximize efficiency with our exceptional solutions.



troubleshooting with smoke

The different Rainco leak finders offer precise pinpointing of leaks in pip systems, air intake system and coolant tanks. Using mineral or baby oil it quickly produces large volumes of smoke to discover the leak. Efficient and reliable in vehicles, busses, trucks and bikes.